B2005: An Ode To Blood

Blood Through These Veins
Disclaimer: Warning, this next post may be a little graphical in detail. If you’re particularly squemish. Don’t proceed any further.

Blood runs freely though these veins.
Like thick water through the mains.
Pulsing hard with every beat.
Through flesh so tender to bite and eat.

Blood so fresh as it flows from your vein.
From a pinprick so light to a fang in pain.
To taste and smell the metal in meat.
The coppery scent that burns you in heat.

Blood so slick over the skin above.
Its scarlet red shines as brightly as love.
To inhale, to taste, to hold, to touch.
Such dark comforts come and never leave with very much.

3 thoughts on “B2005: An Ode To Blood

  1. somehow, I find this seriously triggering right now.
    please excuse me while i go layan my thoughts…

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