B2005: And 9 Makes 15

Still Looking Fresh
I cannot believe that 9 hours have actually passed. I swear, as tired as I am, I still feel as fresh as ever. See…look at that picture. See how refreshed I am with that half smile and tanned looked. Everything is just dandy.

Ok maybe I’m lying.

My head feels really heavy at the moment and my back and shoulders feel like I’ve been carrying weights up a very steep slope, but I suppose that’s normal considering the fact that trying to trying every half an hour by yourself is indeed an endurance run.

Which is probably why they call it a blogathon.

I wonder how the first blogathoner actually did write one post every 15 minutes? Yeah…maybe I should check that out and see how that happened. That blogathon must have been something alright. I wonder why we didn’t all think of that sooner?

Remind me to do that after the blogathon.

And of course after I get some shut eye.

5 thoughts on “B2005: And 9 Makes 15

  1. shit…I don’t look nowhere like that. My eyes are so going to go soon…my poor eyess…*sob sob*

    btw I was sleepy at 4am…I actually slept mind you…I’m not wide awake but I know that would not last very long…=P

  2. hey, i know how you can stay awake, think of weird combinations,

    for eg.

    cucumbers and vanilla ice cream
    cereal and yoghurt
    coke and milk

    and let’s see how creative you can get… hey post about it maybe?

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