B2005: Bloodshot And Still Going

Windows Of The Soul
Sometimes I forget how dry this country is. I mean…after all, I am in an area which is next to the desert. It isn’t exactly what you call the humid tropics when you have about 40% humidity average.

So what happens when you mix the area conditions and a 24 hour blogathon?


Extremely dry and tired eyes.

Eyes like we have here.

All I can do it close my eyes whenever I’m not blogging and just hope that it’s enough to rehydrate them along the way. I knew I should have bought one of those eyedrops before the blogathon. I knew I forgot something and I guess this was it.

Oh well…no biggie.

It’s only a few more hours left anyway.

All I have to do is just keep blogging.

Just keep blogging.

Just keep blogging.

Update: Hmmm…I just realised that I have a big nose.

8 thoughts on “B2005: Bloodshot And Still Going

  1. No eye drops. Outside is drier than inside cause the wind is blowing. Screen is LCD so it doesn’t dry the eyes out much.



    i like to move it move it…i like to move it move it *dances around*

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