B2005: Body Surfing

Tub Of Lard
Seriously though, at this rate it feels like repeating the same thing I did to my room. Except that this time, this is my own body and there is more than just 4 corners. I think the only thing left that doesn’t cross the line of pornagraphy are my legs. Ok…now that I know would be scary.

Don’t worry though, Edrei’s Blog is purely PG-13 and if anything, everything here only requires parental guidance to be viewed according to my standards.

Which basically means you might be shocked from time to time because I have a pretty broad definition on what exactly you need you parents to guide you on.

Which is true anyway, I mean really when you’re 13, you really got to start making your own decisions and learning to live with the responsibility of your actions. After all…if you don’t…how do you expect to open that door and live in the world out there?

Well…I can say that this is my responsibility.

And I feel damn responsible for it.

All the flabby fat worth of responsibility.

8 thoughts on “B2005: Body Surfing

  1. you gotta go on diet… hehe jk… btw, may i know, which part of aus are you in now? if we are in same place… perhaps i deliver you some double shot caffe =D

  2. OH NO…instead of havin’ ed dancin’ around naked as we were discussin’ earlier in the morning…this time he came up with strippin’..

    well..at least in a way :P~ haha

  3. *switches between this photo and old photo* *new photo & old photo x 5*

    Umm..not much difference…but it’s not like I’ve not seen it before already. hehe 😀

  4. you know those marks under your chest? it looks like you must have been wearing a really ill-fitting bra…err…

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