B2005: Endgame 24 Hours

The Endgame
I laugh.

I grin.

I sigh.

I smiled.

I dance to victory music.

I got up.

I stretch.

I thank Dee for staying up with me throughout the Blogathon.

I thank Chiq and YP for giving me the right ideas at the right moments.

I give thanks to all those who helped spread the words, pledge and sponsor my Blogathon for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

I sit back on my bed.

I close my eyes.

I smile one last time.

I smile for the fact that survived 24 hours.

I smile for the fact I made a difference with what I love.

I smile for the fact that I finished Blogathon 2005.

19 thoughts on “B2005: Endgame 24 Hours

  1. *smiles* *huggles*

    Glad to be doing it with you…. 😀

    You did it…you survived the Blogathon 2005

    You did it for NCSM…you did it for cancer.


  2. First of all – Grats

    Secondly, I just realised how bloated u are. I mean, yea, not very helpful at this point. It could be your hair or the lack of sleep or too much food… but u sure are bloated to me.. ehhe.

    ANyway, grats again! -HugGgles-

  3. well. sorry for not being there when you were done with blogathon, but it’s never too late to congratulate you, right? =) well done!

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