B2005: Figuring Out Your Kids Names

Guess What This Is
I’ve always planned for the future. No doubt about that. I mean, there is not a present action that goes by that I haven’t had a plan with a backup plan ready for it. That’s just the type of person I am.

It’s no surprise that applies for my kids as well.

How bout that, I’m 22 years old and I already know what my kids names would be like. Now that’s really planning ahead of myself. But I suppose considering my chess-player-like nature. It’s not hard to see why I would do so anyway. I mean, there was a time when I would have chosen names like Seymour and Sandra as names for my kids, but now I’ve got something better…it’s a little on the uncommon side so bear with me here.

They will be named Seraph and Sera.

That’s right, their names will be Seraph and Sera. Named after the Seraphim, the highest choir of angels.

I think it pretty much says something when your kids are named after angels. I think it pretty much states your intentions when you name your children after angels anyway. I can imagine them out there doing noble deeds on good intentions. Personal guardian angels to whoever they care and watch over.

Their father’s dire legacy.

There there Edrei…that’s wishful thinking for you.

Now I wonder what would happen if they turn out to be fallen angels?

Oooh…bad trend.

5 thoughts on “B2005: Figuring Out Your Kids Names

  1. Your kids will hate you if you name them almost the same thing.

    Trust me.

    Good idea though =)

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