B2005: Friends We Keep

The Birthday Card

I hope that you guys can make out what was written here in the card. For me, I guess this card symbolises friendship that grows as time passes. I don’t usually have many great talents in life and I’m not usually the easiest person to work with.

But I lack for with abilities, I make up for with effort and the will to see through that promises are kept and people that I care for are…well…cared for. I’ve never taken the normal road, fair enough…I’ve always taken the road less taken. Such choices aren’t particularly liked or appreciated by people in society.

Still I take those roads in the hope that a person’s worth isn’t judged by the things that he does, but by the heart and passion which defines a person as who they are. Roads taken in that idea have never been the easiest roads to take.

But they may be the most fruitful.

At the end…every seed has its tree.

And every tree has its fruit.

I guess it just takes time.

And the effort to make sure they bloom with the purity in which it was sowed.

3 thoughts on “B2005: Friends We Keep

  1. The words are so beautiful. I can’t help but agree…whoever sent it to you…must’ve been really touched. I like to say likewise..

  2. Even though we’ve just met just recently, I can tell that you’re indeed a friend I would definately want to get to know more…I’ve been reading all your old entries and the coments as well…and you’re indeed one rare find. You are loyal to your friends and that is something that is so difficult to find in this world.

    If anyone were to truly ask me what real friendship is all about… i’d seriously tell them about you…the fact that you’ve been there for your friends speaks volumes my friend…and it doesn’t surprise me to see those words on that card 🙂

    if you have the time, read my entry on friendship

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