B2005: Hairy Reasons

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Well, that’s about it. Short of my naughty parts. This completes the “Edrei’s body part photoshoot” saga. No more will you be troubled by grotesque and insidious body parts which show horrible deformities. No more will you be driven to nightmares of images of saggy flabby skin.

This picture of course would be the last of it.

Given the circumstances, I would I’m glad too that it’s the last of it. I get nightmares of my own body, I hate to think what traumatic experience some of you have to go through after looking at those pictures. But I’m sure after the right dose of therapy and maybe some strong medication, you’ll soon forget whatever horrible images you have seen so far during my blogathon.

Looking at my leg though I only have one question.

How in the world do you girls wax your legs?!

I mean…looking at my own legs, it has got to seriously hurt when all the hairs come off. I don’t think all the hairs are going to come off all at once too which begs the possibility of having to wax my leg for a second time. Imagine.

No I seriously cannot imagine.

I’m drawing a complete blank there.

Seriously…how in the world does the hair come right off?

5 thoughts on “B2005: Hairy Reasons

  1. I for one have to say that I am blessed to be hairless. There are hardly an visible hair on my legs, aside from the armpits and of course *ahem* the private parts. Although I must say I do have facial hair, and its a curse. I wax my upper lip hair every once in two month and YES it hurts like HELL!! So I wouldn’t want to imagine if it was done on ones leg.

    Alternatively now, they have a new method of hair removal. I wouldn’t dare say it’ll not hurt because it does. It’s called IPL, don’t ask me what the actual term is. But apparently, they will freeze a certain part of you legs and then use another devise that zaps your hair off like a welder does on metal. Honestly, I do not even want to elaborate any further.

    So yeah, the pain we go through for beauty. Whoever said wanting to be bautiful doesn’t hurt? It does. OUCH!

  2. hey dun wax… men without body hair damn gross kie… look like pak jam kai [white chopped chicken]

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