B2005: How 6 Hours Left Sounds Good

Eye Eye
I finally see it!! I have eyebags not to mention a very very obvious panda eye. I’m surprised though that it took that long for it to come out considering my routine of sleepless nights. But what I’m really surprised about is little fact.

I am not sleepy at all.

Seriously. I kid you not. I have been awake for more than 18 hours and I don’t feel sleepy at all. Sure, i feel a little under the weather here…but I can really blame that on the weather because outside it just so nice and cool. Perfect to snuggle under the comforter and go to sleep…but taking that aside, I repeat again.

I am not sleepy at all.

The amazing thing here is that I haven’t drunk ANY caffiene related drink since 5 this morning. I think that’s the reason why I don’t feel sleepy at all. I mean…think about it, caffiene pumps you up right…then you have a sharp drop in energy as the caffiene wears off so you need to take caffiene again.

What if you don’t take caffiene?

Sure you got no energy boost, but you have no energy drop either. Either way, whatever you’re moving on is on a constant plateau. I mean, right now, I’m surviving on my music and my collective will to finish this blogathon…not to mention a few personal issues that has left me steaming and otherwise pumped up with enough anger and adrenaline to see this through.

Collective will of everything I have.

Yeah…that’s what I run on.

To see this blogathon through..and whatever lies after that.

3 thoughts on “B2005: How 6 Hours Left Sounds Good

  1. Likewise, although I’ve not had a drop of caffeine in my system yet. So far so good. Only an occasionally backache and droopy eyes…but sleepy? Nahhh. 😀

  2. clinique should offer you some contract to market their eyebags remover or something…”before” and “after”. haha. make sure you post a pic of yourself after your much-deserved 12 hrs sleepathon after this is done.

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