B2005: Nyaaaaaah!!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I just remembered. I just remembered that there is one important part of my body that I haven’t had the pleasure (horror) of taking a picture off.

And there we are.

Yes…as you can see. It has black dots on it for reasons that I still haven’t a clue why. I mean, it has been there ever since I was a kid and I guess I’ve always grew up with it. In fact, when other kids used to stick their tongues out at me, I’ve always wondered why were their tongues so pink.

I guess I was the odd one.

The other odd thing is that my tongue if you can actually see it is quite rough. If I didn’t know better I could have sworn my tongue is more like a cat than a human being. I mean, It is quite sensitive but at the same time its just rough and discoloured like I burnt my tongue when I was a kid and completely forgot about it.

Anyway the point in all this is that by the time you finish reading this it would be obvious right now that I would have been sticking my tongue out at you for a long time with a funny face you probably couldn’t see.

But it’s all in good fun anyway.

After all…what’s a little tongue rasping when you just survived 24 hours in a blogathon?

Go figure.

2 thoughts on “B2005: Nyaaaaaah!!

  1. Got abit weirdly shaped. But I’d know where it’ll be best placed at. hehe. Hmm…must think clean thoughts….:D

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