B2005: Obsessively Compulsive

Cutlery Collection
Behold!! They actually started to wash their dishes!! That’s a good thing really. After what I mentioned in this post, that is very very good news indeed.

Then again…looking at that is very very bad for me for one reason.

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Fortunately enough, I am not at bad as what you see on Monk. If I was, then my room would be spotlessly tidy…but it isn’t. No. My little OCD is limited to small objects. Dominoes, cutlery, screwdrivers, CD’s, loose change…the works.

If I ever see something like that lying around, rest assured by the time I leave, it’ll be in a neat pile orderly arrange probably according to size or alphabetical order.

That’s just the sort of person I am.

So you can understand how hard it was for me to tear myself from arranging all those nice fork, knives and spoons. So shiny yet disorganized. I wanted so much to put them in their right order. Then again, I can’t.

After all. I have a blogathon to run.

And that comes ahead of anything else.

Still…poor cutlery.

7 thoughts on “B2005: Obsessively Compulsive

  1. Dee: Why do you think it was so hard for my to tear away from it?

    Lillian: 24 hours is alot. I still got assignments to do, books to study and people to help out. Can’t really do that when we’re jumping every 5 minutes.

  2. eee, not nice also the forks…

    i don’t have ocd i don’t have ocd i don’t have ocd i don’t have ocd i don’t have ocd i don’t have ocd i don’t have ocd i don’t have ocd i don’t have ocd

  3. okay. i know what you mean. i’m just DYING to reach through the screen, arrange everything right side up and put the spoons with the spoons and the forks with the forks and the knives with the knives. aargh.

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