B2005: Penguin On The Wall

Penguin On The Wall

I love penguins. I think I’ve mentioned that many many times. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve always loved penguins. It’s just that I have never had the pleasure of being this cute around them. Actually come to think of it…I think I’m most cute around them.



That would indeed be scary. Then again…how could anyone not be cute around penguins? I mean…they are penguins!! They are cute!! They waddle then they walk. They are all dressed up as a cool customer and they make the THE BEST soft toys you can ever hug to bed.

Did I just say hug to bed?

I guess I did.

Go figure.

But seriously, they make great soft toys. They make cute soft toys. They make RARE soft toys. It’s easy enough to find things like teddy bears and red dogs named Patrick. But serious, finding penguin soft toys have got to be the most mind numbing experiences you can ever have. It’s takes a certain degree of luck to find the ones you haven’t found before and after a while…you really know they are a good collection to keep.

I miss my penguins.

Actually I miss her penguins.

No that didn’t sound wrong.

I have to find a bigger penguin to go to sleep with at night. Maybe I can start another blogathon to support the BEABP Charity. Yeah…the Buy Edrei A Bigger Penguin Charity. I think that’s a nice charity to donate to…or not.

Oh well…it was worth a try anyway.

7 thoughts on “B2005: Penguin On The Wall

  1. penguins. hope you’re having a good time thinking of what to write every 30 mins. well done so far! 46 more to go!

  2. Dee: Definitely. I want those so much. Perfect to hug at night.

    Jax: Lets try not to look at how many posts left to go. 🙂

    Chiq: No way!! I am not going to wear a suit. I’m not cute enough. I’ll ruin the image!!

  3. Heehee… 🙂 I think you’ll look cute. really. errrr… I’ll volunteer to be the photographer if you do decide to put yourself in a penguin suit.. ok?

  4. Hahah…you got to make me one first YP. Then drag me into it. I’m not going on without a kicking and screaming fight I can bet you that. 😛

  5. i thought piggies are cuter?? *sighs*
    piggies are cuter than penguins *screams that out loud*

    i get to hug my piggie to bed every nite too…but the biggest one is far away..far far away *sighs*

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