B2005: Pillow Fight

So Tempting
Pillow pillow on the bed.
Are you there to rest my head?
Are you there to fold me deep?
Take me away and make me sleep.

Pillow pillow on the bed.
Always there along my stead.
Always there calling to me.
To a fruitful slumber I cannot see.

Pillow pillow on the bed.
Rest a weary mind of lead.
Tempting me with dire rest.
Pulling me away from doing my best.

Pillow pillow on the bed.
After all that’s done and said.
I’ll be here to blog some more.
Till end is done then you’ll hear me snore.

16 thoughts on “B2005: Pillow Fight

  1. haha…okok sorry. I was laying down when I was typing that. I’m sitting now so should be ok.

    I meant …it took me to sleep. 😀

  2. that cube… where did you get it.. Im trying to get it but I cant find. Did you get it in Aus, if yes, which part? =D

  3. Rubiks Cubes can be found in ToysR’Us in australia. You can’t really get the original ones in Malaysia…except for KLCC.

  4. It’s too early to sleep, you know. Seriously…
    I will, however, admit to the fact that I’m yawning like a thing that yawns a lot, and I’m losing my ability to be very descriptive.

  5. AWhite: Have a look at my blog in IE.
    But first, turn off JavaScript.

    I bet you it will look like a disaster.
    Then, turn on JavaScript. It’ll look better, but still a little stilted.

    In my case, it’s because IE can’t do CSS2 properly. 🙂

  6. IE really screws up everything. I have to do so many CSS code hacks to make sure it looks the same in IE as it does in FF.

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