B2005: Pretty Housemate Picture

Finally. A picture of a housemate. Well…it’s just too bad that we can’t see her face. Then again…if we did, that picture won’t be here…and neither will I. Some people can get really picky to have their picture taken. Seriously…I’m lucky I survived that one.

I wonder if it’s against the law to post a picture of someone without their consent?

Oh yeah…it is.

Oh well…it’s not like she read my blog anyway. I think of all people here in the small town I live in, there is only one other person who reads my blog on a daily frequency…or weekly frequency. I forget which one.

That’s so sad.

Still…one must keep blogging for the sake of something more than just themselves. Which is what I’m doing to begin with. Putting pictures of people up without their consent. Way to go Ed…you must be proud of yourself.

I wish I could have taken a picture of her face.

Oh well. We still got 20 hours left to go.

Plenty of time for that.

5 thoughts on “B2005: Pretty Housemate Picture

  1. Dude, juz some suggestion.. y not blog about your housemates, how do u get along with them, whats their habits like (worse and good ones), maybe things that you cant stand about them…

    My 2cents.. 🙂

  2. Nevermind the law, consider yourself lucky already that she doesn’t have a chopping knife and come after you and mince you up first. Back home where I’m at you might just get it…:D

  3. Well…for one. I just moved in a few weeks ago. Besides, I for one am not the kind of person who gets all judgemental with people unless I absolutely have to. Go figure… 🙂

  4. wooohooo….something real different…

    gawd…wonder what happens if i take pictures like that..??? mmm…next time i shall do so :P~ hehe

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