B2005: Scenes From A Pillow

How The Ceiling Looks Pretty
I’m taking a big risk here. I’m actually lying down on my pillow…and it feels so good. Have any of you other ‘thoners tried it? Really…it feels so good.

I could just close my eyes and fall asleep.

But I won’t.

Instead, I shall lie here and contemplate on how abstractly plain the ceiling is. I never really stared at the ceiling this much before. I mean, most of the time, it’ll be night and it’s dark anyway or I wouldn’t bother with leaving my eyes open and just go to sleep.

Surprisingly its relatively calm.

Seriously. Aside from that cobweb right above me. There is this empty sense of calm that feels like an artificial ocean of some kind. Almost like it has no memories. To think it’s all from a ceiling above my head. Either my mind has reached a point whereby I can start to perceive things that we normally couldn’t see.

Or my mind has reached a point where it’s oozing out from my ears.

Hmmm…either way. That is a very nice ceiling.

Oh well…enough looking at that already.

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