B2005: Something Cuter Than Me

So Sad...Yet Cute
This is Laptop.

She is Sarah’s little pet.

She always loves to hang around Sarah.

Laptop always looks sad, that’s why I always try to cheer her up.

Sometimes she can be found typing on Sarah. Needless to say that can be very scary.

Sometimes she moves in the middle of the night without me moving her. That can be very scary as well.

This is Laptop.

She is Sarah’s little pet.

What more can a laptop ask for?

5 thoughts on “B2005: Something Cuter Than Me

  1. the dog is call Laptop??

    n the laptop is called Sarah??

    mmm…seems like a mix up apparently :P~ but yea..i know Sarah. remembered i was so sleepy over ur house that u told me i could sleep with Sarah! thought it was another gal..but only realised who Sarah was a few months later *freaks*

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