B2005: Sunrise Over A Sleepy Town

All Things Stirring
No matter how attached I am to the world of digital footprints and animated works of arts, there are some things in the world not even the net can compete against. Sights like this is just one of them. No matter how much a city slicker I am, there is something about a sunrise over a flat plain that can just take my breath away.

I guess I’m a romantic that way.

Still I don’t think I can ever tire of watching the sun rise everytime. I guess maybe because some part of me hates the night even though I seem to live lively in it. I guess some parts of me still wants that darkness to be chased away by that light over the horizon.

I guess it’s a good thing too.

After all…my house faces the rising sun to begin with.

Now there is something worth smiling at no matter where you are.

5 thoughts on “B2005: Sunrise Over A Sleepy Town

  1. that’s a nice scenery… my beside window faces where the sun rise…
    I know I’m late for work when the sun’s warm rays burn my lazy butt that’s still in bed… 😛

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