B2005: Sunset Over A Sleepy Town

All Things Settling
With all sunrises, there will always be sunsets. With all beginnings there will always be an end. If there is a reason why I like my house, this would be the second reason after the sunrise.

While sunrises may dispell the darkness I always hate. Sunsets, ironically while bringing about the coming of darkness, have always been that surreal haven between light and dark. It’s like within those few moments rests the last bastion of light before the darkness of night comes and takes it all away.

Maybe it’s that haunting call and cold refuge that draws me to sights such as that…and like the sunrise itself.

It’s just right outside my window to begin with.

I certainly can’t complain about the location my house.

It’s perfect.

And that’s all I can say for it.

Every single day of it.

2 thoughts on “B2005: Sunset Over A Sleepy Town

  1. eh i email you one that yp and I took on the way to klcc the other day. We were stuck in a jam near Puduraya.

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