B2005: The End Of Dinner

A Little Fried Rice
Ok, so I may have added a little but too much soy sauce to the fried rice, then again I was rushing to finish cooking before it was time to pot my last post.

It tastes better than it looks.

Trust me on this.

But that’s enough dinner for now.

Now we blog a little seriously.

After all. The game is almost up.

Let’s throw down our gloves and take it all the way.

6 thoughts on “B2005: The End Of Dinner

  1. Ok, first was the chicken, then the curry and now the fried rice. Food enough to feed an army…umm, okaay. Yeah, ok I know you can eat.

  2. is that flecks of egg? eggs will always be my fave ingredient in cooking. after all, the thing i cook best is egg omelette…err…hmm.

  3. Dee: The chicken wasn’t mine, it was my housemate’s dinner.

    Jax: Yes…I LOVE when omelettes are made from eggs. 😛

    Awhite: Definitely thanks. 🙂

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