B2005: The Final 3 Hours

The Contained Excitement
That’s right, who’d have thought that we could progress this far. I mean after all this while, I can barely contain my exicitement that this whole thing is going to end. I mean…look at that face. Look at it. Can’t you see how much that face just wants to literally explode into laughter and joy? See how happy and ecstatic the person in the picture is.

You can’t miss it.

Seriously though…personally when this thing ends, despite my own personal misgivings, I can safely say I am really happy for what has happened so far. I mean, I have handled a blogathon by myself despite several hiccups here and there. I have managed to collect over $650 USD as a single blogger in a blogathon.

And me…a small fry in the blogging world.

What’s there not to be proud off?

Even I can’t believe the scale in which this was accomplished.

Now before I start rattling off my thanks, I have to say that the game isn’t over yet. In my prior experiences in my own personal blogathons, I’ve learnt that a lot of things can happen in an hour much less three hours so it’s always good to keep ourselves on our toes in case anything happens.

Good or bad…I’m going to see this through the end.

Whatever happens…we’ll make the best of it.

So help me God I will write my own history in all this.

2 thoughts on “B2005: The Final 3 Hours

  1. Your bags are showing. You’re in serious need of sleep. And I think you also need a nice long hot shower. *huggles*

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