B2005: The Uni Life

Monk's Nightmare
Yes…as per the request of some of you. This is another part of my house. This is unfortunately the sink which 7 people in the house share. So as you can see…

It’s not exactly a pretty sight.

But such is life away from home. I mean…when you consider the fact that a lot of people here are used to their parents cooking and cleaning for them, you can just imagine the lifestyle they would lead when they are far away from that.

Simple…and really messy.

Then again, I for one don’t happen to be one of them. I mean…not one of the dishes there belong to me. Believe it or not that is the collective amount of one week’s worth of dishes. I clean mine right after I finish. It saves me time and definitely plenty of dishes for me to reuse.

After all…I have been one independant kid.

For some reason, people still find it strange and weird that I started to come home to an empty house when I was 7 and started cooking when I was 8. For some reason people still find it weird that I can cook good food from nothing more than a handful of ingredients. Come on…it’s not that hard to make something out of nothing. I mean think about it.

When you have nothing. Anything you make would be something.

Of course…cleaning up is a whole different story altogether. When you have something, it’s pretty hard to take it down to nothing…especially when you’re lazy to get your hands down and dirty at it.

I really really wish they’d clean up all those dishes.

Gives me the creeps that all that muck might evolve into an intelligent lifeform.

Who knows…they already might have.

7 thoughts on “B2005: The Uni Life

  1. I remember…I started staying home alone when I was 9 years old. I was scared shitless at the beginning, then the more I stayed home alone I began to like it, because no one would nag me. Since I was the youngest at that time and being the stubborn one, my ears are constantly filled with ear wax. 😛

    But then again, as lazy as I can be, I will never leave dishes lying in the sink…euww..no thanks.

  2. Dee: Living alone became a norm for me really early. That’s why I do alot of things I do.

    Chris: I am NOT going to clean all those dishes up. There is too many!!

  3. i was left alone at home at 8 too…:P~

    was the loneliest time of my life though :(~!! but i learnt to cook bout the age of 5…was sent to a cookin’ class!! guess thats how i realised how much i HATE cooking :P~ hehehe

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