B2005: The Wallowing Pigsty

Where I Sleep and Weep

Sleep is good. Sleep is always good. Everyone needs sleep….everyone but me and of course the rest of us who are doing the blgoathon right now. Then again…I have always needed little sleep. Sleep can be a problem for me. Sleep can be a big problem for me.

Sleep is my waking nightmare.

I get a lot of nightmares in my sleep. It’s the way it is. I can dream of so many bad things that it makes the Exorcist look like a kids show. That’s why I don’t sleep…much. Which is good in this case because i won’t be sleeping much.

In fact I won’t be sleeping at all.

At least for the next 23 hours.

So where am I at? I’m at the most comfortable place I can be for that time being. On the one place a person is going to sleep. Which doesn’t make a difference anyway. Because this is where I was always at. Because I never really sleep. Because I can keep awake for a long long time. I have always done that on a whim.

But this time there is a difference.

I’m making that difference.

I’m blogging for Blogathon 2005.

12 thoughts on “B2005: The Wallowing Pigsty

  1. oi, how come your room same kaler, summo bed same position, at the corner of the wall, next to the window…

    tsk tsk tsk…

    dun follow me arr… :'(

  2. Chic: She falls asleep while talking TO me. XP and I did not copy you. I just happened to move into this room. It’s not my fault everything is the same. 🙂

    Dee: Exactly, its different than my old room. 🙂

    Xprye: Hahaha…I can resist. I can resist. I can resist.

  3. wow. and i thought that i sleep early. falling asleep on the computer…ooer. anyway, i’m leaving you a “good-luck-see-you-in-9-hours” note cuz am gonna go offline soon. will catch up with you when serge’s radio show starts. cya ed!

  4. Tsk…I know la I fell asleep while talking TO you.. you just had to say it didn’t you. =P Don’t forget you also did the same thing..

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