B2005: This Is Not An Advertisment

Why Food Is Good
Who doesn’t like a good finger food every once in a while? I mean…who doesn’t like finger food anyway? They are small, they are easy to eat and they can be taken anywhere. After all, that’s what they are for in the first place.

I just take it one step further.

There is not a dish that I eat which doesn’t include Shapes. Seriously. I can’t get enough of it. Name me a food and I can tell you, I’ve eaten this with it. Soup? Obvously. Dip? No you need to ask more? Pasta? Definitely. Curry? Sure. Sandwiches and burgers? Better than chips. Instant noodles? You can bet your sweet ass I did.

See…it goes with everything.

At least in my book.

Which is a very large one.

Maybe that would explain why I have a very odd sense of taste.

Seriously…if you haven’t tried it already. Try it. It’s good. I just wonder if they have it back home in Malaysia. I don’t think I can live without these little crackers anymore. It makes me wonder what do they actually put in these things. Well it doesn’t really matter. What matters is you try them.



No really…this isn’t an advertisement.

4 thoughts on “B2005: This Is Not An Advertisment


    My absolute favourite..:D though we don’t have sweet chilli & sour cream and nacho cheese here…I think they have pizza, chicken and something else. Love them…a little on the salty side but yummm ;9

  2. I know for sure that they sell that here… I just saw it in Cold Storage BSC.

    Hehehee…. must go try!

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