B2005: Unfinished Business

Cube Undone
This is a cube.
This is not a T5.
This has kept me sane in the tube.
Fixing it is what keeps me alive.

This is a cube.
I mess with it everyday.
I even add in some lube.
So I can be faster anyway.

This is a cube.
It keeps me on my toes.
I started once as a noob.
Now I finish it to keep away my woes.

6 thoughts on “B2005: Unfinished Business

  1. Hehe…cool poem. I can never finish a Rubik’s cube…my personal best is 4 sides? I can’t remember…

  2. oh no…the horror!!!

    *remembers the time Ed, Albert or Quekbc plays with the cube*

    *FREAKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* wooooooooohooooooo….

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