B2005: Where 21 Is 24 Minus 3

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Well there we have it. 3 hours down and 21 more to go. 21. 21 is a nice number. It’s a magical number. It’s a number where you’re considered an adult. It’s a number where in my own country you’re considered legal age for a lot of things…including drinking.

Yes…the legal age is 21.

But it’s not like I care.

That’s right, after a series of unfortunate events in my life, I have started to drink and did I ever keep it at an unprecedented pace. In fact, at the rate I’m going, I’m probably 2 steps away from being a full blown alcoholic. If it wasn’t for the fact i have no money, I can bet you good money that I would already be an alcoholic. Which reminds me…

Does anyone want to place a wager on that bet?

But that aside…how could anyone not like alcohol? I mean…sure you do stupid things, but then think about it…how is that any different from a lot of people who are NOT drunk? To me at least, drinking gives me the ability to be more sociable in real life than I ever was on the net. To me at least, drinking can give me the ability to see things in people that I don’t normally see when I’m sober.

From where I stand..drinking is definitely good.

Of course I haven’t been drinking for a while. It’s not that I don’t have money, it’s just that my drinking buddies have been pretty busy lately and come to think of it, so have I.

I have got to go drink again.

It doesn’t matter whether I have ulcers or not.

Drinking is always good.

You can tell that to the people who know me best after happy hour.

4 thoughts on “B2005: Where 21 Is 24 Minus 3

  1. Drinking is definitely a good thing. hehe. I tend to be a tad more quirky if I drink. 😀

    Once,after drinking I drove at the opposite side of the road and my friend nearly pissed in his pants. hehe. People were honking and flickering their car headlights and there I was in the car with my friends giggling. OMG…dangerous.=P

  2. ed..what did i tell u bout drinking???!

    neways..drinkin’ is undenialbly great..especially with the right buddies around too :)~

    but ed…control ur drinkin’ pls dear!! dont get me worried again like last time…:(~

  3. Dee: You you EVER dare drink and drive again. You KNOW it’s a felony. I take the bus or walk home at least. Come on…you know I don’t lose my sense when I’m drunk…not by much. 🙂

    Elena: Aww…but you know I take everything to the max. Where is the fun in life when you don’t push everything to the limit eh? Don’t worry…i know where those limits are. They certainly are far more than the last time. I can guarentee you that this time. 🙂

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