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As I mentioned before in my last post. I will be participating in a worldwide event called the Blogathon 2005. For those of you who are not familiar with it yet, a blogathon is an event where bloggers blog for 24 hours straight. The Blogathon 2005 is meant to raise money for the the charity of the blogger’s choice.

This year I will be blogging for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Cancer is not a pretty thing to have especially to those so young in life stricken by it. It’s not easy for family and friends to only sit by and know you can’t so anything but be there and watch in pain as a life you care for so much is slowly taken from you. Having gone through that, I have dedicated my life to ridding the world of cancer and right now…

I would like your help to do the same thing too.

Right now, what I need is for anyone to help pledge a fair bit of donation on behalf to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia during my participation in Blogathon 2005. All donations are made directly through the National Cancer Society of Malaysia site itself.

Sponsors are encouraged to register at the Blogathon 2005 main site and at the end of the blogathon, they will recieve an email detailing the completion of the blogathon and a reminder of the donation they have pledged.

No money will be passed through any blogger’s hands but paid directly to the chosen charity itself. This is to ensure security and legitimacy of the event and the donation. The registering of the sponsors also helps to tally up the total amount of pledges from donations sent in from other Blogathon participants around the world.

For a start, I have already pledged about $20 USD to the society for the blogathon. The rest, I pray is up to you readers. If you would like to pledge a donation on the day itself, please don’t hesitate to do so. Any amount helps.


Blogathon 2005 begins midnight August 6th.

So please spread the word…not the cancer.

Don’t you think it’s time to make a difference?

(Update – July 20th: Blogathon Registration is Open)
(Update – July 22nd: Things You Wanted To Know About Blogathon)
(Update – July 23rd: Details For Sending Donation)

18 thoughts on “Blogathon 2005: Help Make A Difference

  1. I’m taking in your suggestion… so here’s my comment:)

    No time to read your blog entirely but will do it next week(I only blog at my workplace!)…

  2. Hi, just want to inform you that your website load very slow in Safari and made Safari crashed. Dont know about anybody else, but that was the case for me. Other websites load fine on my Safari.

  3. Whoa, thanks dude. Though I think it may be you because some of the folks that helped me debug my code under IE were running MacOSX and of course Safari. They didn’t have any problems as far as they told me.

  4. Suggestion with regards to the tagline – er, it’s actually impossible for ppl to spread cancer.

    Stop the cancer perhaps?

    Good job, commendable efforts, by the way. And I do mean it.

  5. i couldnt join to watch the blogathon on 6th aug.but definately will make the pledged payment when i m back on 8th.
    All the best to u ya!

  6. Been reading your site for a while. I love your template. Keep the good stuff coming. Take care.

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