Blogathon 2006 – It’s Time

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve mentioned about Blogathon and I think since I’ve gotten all the other details out of the way, it’s about time for the campaign to begin and so here it goes.

Blogathon 2006 which is a charity event in which various bloggers from all around the world will take part by blogging for 24 hours straight every half an hour to help raise awareness and money for the charity or non-goverment organisation that they have pledged themselves to. Think of it as a telethon, but with blogging, for 24 hours, non stop. You get the idea.

While this will be the 4th blogathon I have done. This will actually be the 2nd official Blogathon that I will be participating in. The first being Blogathon 2005 in which we raised a total of $679 USD for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. This year however, I plan to take things a little further. It will still be on cancer, but it will be something that affects the very heart of it on a global scale. This year, I will be pledging to the Association for International Cancer Research.

What you as the readers can do is help raise not just money but awareness that cancer isn’t exactly what you call a walk through the park. Cancer is a very very bad sort of thing indeed. Something that doesn’t take a life, but also take our fathers, our mothers, brothers, sisters and friends, young and old, basically any of othe people we love and people we care about, away from us. It doesn’t just affect those diagnosed with it, it also can sap the life and spirit of those close to them. To watch helplessly as the people we care about fight a battle that has an uncertain ending. That is the war on cancer.

Research isn’t exactly cheap and neither is the road through it. You can help with all that and helping researchers and scientists from all over the world strike back at the heart of this modern nightmare by donating through the Association for International Cancer Research. While the participants in this blogathon may stay up late to make a difference. Ultimately, it will be those of you that read this that will have the chance to change lives.

Don’t you think so?

4 thoughts on “Blogathon 2006 – It’s Time

  1. It’s on the Blogathon website. Given that there are no complications, registration will begin on June 29th, one month away from Blogathon.

  2. Gee, they changed it again? Hope they work through the site before then. Or maybe that’s why they pushed the registeration further back?

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