Blogathon 2006 – Sponsor Now I Tell You!!

Let’s recap. Blogathon is this July 29th at 0600 Pacific Standard Time. Which means for Malaysians it’s about 9pm this Saturday, which also means for us people on the east side of Australia, we officially start this Saturday at 11pm. And for anyone else in the world, you’d be better off checking this page here for the time difference. Now that everything is more or less fixed and ready, one of the only few remaining questions that I have is this. Where will you be this upcoming Blogathon 2006?

Probably asleep, working or doing something better.

But that doesn’t matter because at the end of it, you won’t be the ones staying up for 24 hours. What would be really good is if you could contribute and help the cause against cancer by pledging and donating to the Association for International Cancer Research.

I don’t have to remind you that cancer is bad and research against it is good. But seeing that we still need a lot of funds to maintain those researches, that’s where the AICR comes in. They help fund cancer research throughout the world and with hope and the support of the public (which means you), will eventually find a means to end this genetic affliction that has laid claim to so many lives without mercy or prejudice, and torn the lives of many more through the passing of loved ones through cancer.

If you like to know more about Blogathon and whether we’re legitimate, please visit the Blogathon website where you can find the Blogathon’s Frequently Asked Questions as well as our Press Releases available in PDF format. Sponsorship is easy, just follow these simple steps.:

  1. Sign up and pledge the amount you wish to donate here.
  2. Verify your pledge from your email.
  3. Donate to the AICR the amount you pledged for the Blogathon.

The money does not go through the Blogathon site nor does it go through this blog. All proceeds are donated directly to the Association for International Cancer Research and towards funding cancer research worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Lives are lost with every moment wasted. Help win the war against cancer now by pledging and donating to the AICR Blogathon.

Remember, we may stay up late to make a difference, at the end of it, it is in your hands that you change the world. Isn’t it about time you did something about it?

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