Blogathon 2006 – We Need You

Alright, I’m going to go out on the limb here and ask of something from you. We need you. We appeal to your sense of compassion, charity and altruism in order to ask for donations to the Association for International Cancer Research on behalf of Blogathon 2006. It’s not that hard a reason to understand why you shouldn’t. Cancer kills. Cancer can affect even the healthiest of us at any time. Cancer takes the ones we love away slowly leaving us helpless to watch.

Cancer research might help change all that. Everyday, scientists all over the world do what they can in order to understand and unravel the genetic affliction that is cancer. But research isn’t cheap and neither is the time spent on it. The Association for International Cancer Research helps this by funding research projects all over the world in this war against cancer. War against cancers that might have affected those you know, are affecting those closest to you or might affect you in the future.

Last year, Footsteps in the Mirror raised about $679 for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. This year, we would like to surpass that mark by a little bit more. This year, I would like to raise at least $1500 worth of donations for the Association for International Cancer Research. For a small personal blog such as yours truly, that might be a lofty goal. But for those that need the funding to advance the fight against cancer, any amount of money helps.

Click here to pledge to the Association for International Cancer Research

So don’t be a scrooge, sign up and be a Blogathon sponsor today and pledge to the Association for International Cancer Research. Who knows? You just might help change the world. How many of us can say we accomplished that in our life that. After all, while we may stay up late to make a difference, you’re the one who ultimately makes a choice to change the world. Makes for one heck of a resume entry that’s for sure.

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