B2006 – Stomach for a Mind

No mobile phones in here

Although some of us may operate under the assumption that nothing in life is what it seems, sometimes life just is exactly what it is. It doesn’t make it any less easier, more often because it’s exactly as it is, it just makes it a whole lot tougher to deal with, or in this case guess because no one actually figured this one out, but nice try guys. I did however figure out a different name for my neither regions but that’s digressing from the point.

The point is sometimes we just have to pick the first thing that comes to mind rather than bury under our own self editing or to a greater extent, self-censorship. Putting aside the cloud of thoughts and storm of ideas in which we come up with that brings us further away from the obvious. It’s not wrong to go with gut instinct. It just get’s a little skewed when we totally deny other possibilities to convince ourselves of what is right.

So take it easy on yourself, you don’t have to think too hard to figure out what it is you’re looking at. It’s deciding what you’re going to do with it at the end that you need all your brain power for. That of course, is a whole different story altogether.

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