B2006 – Abstract Pictures

Guess what?

Even though the world is made of indecipherable patterns and hard-to-relate logical equations, much of what we see, experience and even believe relates to our subjective reasoning of the abstract. As such, there is much of the world, let alone the universe that we can’t fully explain, let alone hazard a guess because what we believe in may not be what really is.

The problem in all this, is when you take an abstract opinion, build an entire world around it, and leave nothing else to chance. The world as big as it is, has more than just a small piece of a perspective to define it. If we can understand that, then we can start understand other people’s point of views. We can start learning about other people’s thoughts and their own abstract ideas, instead of just focusing on our own for all eternity. Wars are fought for less disagreements over how you want to govern your own life, so don’t let your own sense of the abstract ruin it for everyone.

Don’t you think it’s time to start figuring out how to look at an abstract in more than just one perspective? That picture is a start and we all got to start somewhere.

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