B2006 – Beer on the Porch

The cause and solution to life's problemsOooh, if you just emphasized your answer a wee bit, you’d actually have gotten it. But you didn’t. The cause and solution to all of man’s problems indeed.

In the days right before I started dating my girlfriend now, I knew her as a beer loving, impulsive, practical, insensitive girl who doesn’t care what anyone thinks as long as no one stands in her way. Now that I’m dating her, I still think of her as that kind of person. Though in between these two times, she taught me one thing that I’ve always held on to until today. Something that’s worth holding on to especially for people such as myself. Now repeat after me:

“Beer on the porch”

If you want to take it in the literal sense, by all means, that’s how it came about anyway. But the meaning behind that phrase is simple. If you have any problems that you can’t solve right here right now and it’s about to drive you up the wall, kick back, get out onto the porch and grab yourself a bottle of beer. If you don’t have a porch just sit down somewhere comfortable. If you don’t like beer, grab your favourite drink. Either way, take yourself far away from something that you can’t do for now and just relax. The problem is still going to be there, but you’re going to be better off working on it in a relaxed mood.

“You can’t change the world into a better place if you’re pissed off all the time.”

She said that to me in the few days after we started dating. I don’t think I forgot that line either.

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4 thoughts on “B2006 – Beer on the Porch

  1. This is also a truth:

    “You can’t change the world into a better place if you’re pissed all the time.”

    😉 Just a matter of perspective.

  2. Wise words indeed, that girlfriend of yours. (I’ll stick to wine/vodka mixers, though, thanks. Unless the beer is free 🙂

    And hey, if everyone’s drunk & happy, I’d say that’s a way towards promoting piss. I mean, PEACE.

    (Yes, I’m punning. It’s 3am here, what can I say.)

  3. She has a way of putting things into perspective, even more so considering her upbringing. 🙂

    Hope that does help you at the end. 🙂

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