B2006 – Change of Pace

Guess what?

There are parts of life that when pushed and prodded will give you the results you desire, but not without actually knowing what they are to begin with. The only problem to all this, is that none of us are born with an inherent ability to know what exactly to all the buttons of life actually mean. Does it make things better or worse? We can’t tell and we certainly aren’t given the manual to all these things.

So we have two choices at the end of line. We listen to those that have gone through before or we try our hand as navigating the buttons itself and see if we hit a bright spot. Which is the better choice remains to be seen. Sometimes those that guide us haven’t the foggiest clue as well where to push and press and doing it alone can be just as dangerous.

I wonder would happen if you did them both? Now there’s a crazy idea that just might work.

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