B2006 – Changing The World

Guess what?

I’ve been blogging with the intention of changing the world. Not that it’s been particularly successful, I doubt that whatever I have been saying within the last 10 hours has been quite readable to the anyoen bothering to read. For the most part, what’s left that did attract people to this blog was the promise of some interactivity trying to guess whatever pictures I put up every first half an hour.

Would this mean that whatever I wrote would go to waste? Truthfully for the most part, they will go to waste. Buried under the past as archives to an even that took place for 24 hours straight. Would I feel sad about this? Not really no. Whatever I have to say will still be here for all to read, and there will be people who from time to time stumble upon these pages and get suckered into reading them.

Who knows? Blogathon isn’t merely about blogging. It’s about trying to make a difference in the world the best way we know how. Our sponsors may donate, but we’re the ones that made the effort to endure the time spent to write all these blogs. Either way, we did what we do best and if it changes even one person, then maybe you can call it a success. For the time being though…Blogathon is still far from over.

You can still donate if you want to even if the event has ended. I think there is still a certain amount of time before the pledges actually close. I hope that I did make a difference from all this. I really do. I’ll just have to wait and see on this one then.

You can still pledge and donate to Footsteps in the Mirror’s Blogathon drive for the Association for International Cancer Research. For more details, follow the instructions from this link.

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