B2006 – Crusty Problems

Guess what?

Ever had that problem where you felt like you were trying to dig a solution but you just can’t find one. The kind that feels like you have one of those crusty eyes and no matter how much you try and get it out, it just can’t come out and what’s left at the end of it is blurred vision from all that rubbing.

Sometimes all you need to do is not to follow those first impulses at all. Every problem has it’s solution, but that doesn’t mean that all solutions are that blindingly obvious. If it was that obvious, we would have all sorts of crap raining down on us in the world today. In fact, I’m pretty sure that obvious solutions do tend to cause more problems than when it first started, leaving everyone blurred to the right cause of action.

Maybe what’s missing from the world is the ability for us to stop, take a good step back and start focusing on the picture for what it really is. Sometimes what you see may just be a small part of the problem. Sometimes all it takes is for us to just reconsider what it is we’re going to solve before we solve it.

It’s part of life that nothing is entirely what it is. We just have to remember that and hopefully, the answers will come to us in time. Or in the case of this picture, within the next 30 minutes.

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