B2006 – Cube Squared Plus

Cube squaredYes it is the famed Rubik’s Cube and a big kudos to Chris for getting it right. Go visit his blog now and support him for his Blogathon drive. You know you want to.

Right, my friend is still here and the only think I can think of is what Chris said, and no, that is not a Rubik’s cube in which I have removed the stickers from. That is one of the many Rubik’s cube that I have lying around my room. I do finish them myself, in about a minute or two depending on how casual my mood. I think there was a video lying around on one time I was finishing it off. Take a look at it if you like. It’s won me more than my fair share of free drinks during happy hour.

You can still pledge and donate to Footsteps in the Mirror’s Blogathon drive for the Association for International Cancer Research. For more details, follow the instructions from this link.

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