B2006 – Everything in its Place

Guess what?

Given the circumstances of the topic, I’d like you to imagine that you’re some kind of neat freak or a blind person that requires everything to have a place of its own. Failing which, you’d either obsesses over it until it’s right or trip over it and fall flat on your face. Neither which are particularly appealing.

Life just so happens to be about the same as your regular household of the obsessive and blind. Everything does have a right place for it. No better place to be frisky then in the privacy of your own house or car in a dark road and more importantly, no better place to be responsible than in the presence of those that you have a duty to be responsible for. Failing that, you’re either going to end up having people lose confidence and trust in you, or you’re going to have to have a very long explaination to the cops why you were naked in the car with someone else.

Common sense places what we need within reach of what we need to do. The world does revolve around that fact. I’m sure you’re smart enough not to stray from it, even if it is one dark road at a time.

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5 thoughts on “B2006 – Everything in its Place

  1. I think it’s a drawer knob. But I can come back and make another wild guess right? Muahhaha..

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