B2006 – Fight the Better Fight

Nuclear warhead disarming kitWell…better luck next time.

There is always a time to contemplate and a time to stand up and give the rascals a good swift kick to the rear end. There isn’t alot of difference to figure out which the time and place for such things, but let it be said that is isn’t without a touch of discipline. There is always an air of responsibility in wielding the power to harm others, it’s the motives of our actions that determines the eventual ethics of the situation. Is it right? Is it wrong? Does it outweigh the cost? How heavy is the price to pay?

But let it not be said that the Swiss have a way of putting things into their own way. Whether or not you’d take an army that brings corkscrew into battle seriously or not is best left to the situation. I’ve never fought the Swiss before, I wouldn’t know. But at least you can be sure, when the whole world goes to hell, they’d be the only ones that would hear world go up in flames and ask that important question of questions.

“What was that noise?”

Maybe there is something to be learnt from all this. Think about it.

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