B2006 – Hidden Stories

Guess what?

I’ve talked about how life can be defined by our perception of the abstract, but let’s look at it in another way. What if that abstract is nothing more than misdirection from the things that actually matter to us? What if what we see directly in front of us is just a smoke screen for what’s really going on behind the scenes? It may sound like the rantings of a sleep deprived conspiracy theorist, but nothing in life is ever what it seems, especially when the abstract is involved.

Sometimes we just need to realize that it isn’t about looking at what’s in front of us. It’s about picking up the finer details that define something for what it is. An anomaly in an event, an object out of place, a person that’s not supposed to be there. Every story isn’t as clear as black and white and we’d have to understand that if we’re going to grasp the whole picture.

They say that every picture carries with it a thousand words. They just never said what came before and after that picture that makes the story much more interesting that it already is.

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