B2006 – Innocence Lost

Guess what?

How old do you think you were when you lost your innocence? 4? 14? 24? It just makes you wonder just what is innocence? The part of you that thinks there is no tomorrow? The part of you that’s free of responsibilities? Or is it the part of you that believes that there is always a happy ending?

You see of all the things here, I’m going to go with the happy ending. Innocence is the point where we have no doubt in our minds that the world we see is clear of the cynicism and pessimism we tend to call reality. Yet, when is it that it ends? Parents usually go overboard on this because they would do whatever it takes to hide their child from the world until they are old enough to move out from the house, but does that stop the inevitable? No, more often than not innocence is long lost before then.

So where does it end. What ends it? Sex? Violence? Big Brother? No. I don’t think anything in the world could corrupt an innocent mind like so. Because whatever is viewed through the eyes of an innocent child will still be innocent. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sex, drugs or violence. A child’s ability to interpret all those things are far more than we give credit for.

No, the destruction of innocence is when we learn that there is no happy ending. That all the so called promises we were given as kids are slowly chipped away as lies given to us by adults. We become doubful, weary and even paranoid of what other people tell us because if our own parents can’t tell us the truth in the beginning, why should we believe others? And that…is the seed in which cynicism thrives on.

So the next time a child, your child asks you for something that you were denied knowledge as a child. Tell them the truth. Give them more credit than they deserve because they won’t fall into debauchery and dangerous liasons as we did. They will understand. We can’t turn back the clock for us, but at least we can give the future a chance. Don’t continue the cycle. It’s time for innocence to stay a little longer.

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