B2006 – Knowing Yourself

It's a penguin world The next plug goes to Dustyhawk for figuring out that it’s my beloved psycho penguin from Madagascar. Go visit Dustyhawk because he’s not only doing the blogathon, he’s also a monitor for it. Double the work, cooler the responsibility. Way to go Dustyhawk.

It’s one thing to know what you’re going to do right now, it’s another thing to know what you can do right now. The limits of our ability to accomplish whatever we set our minds to depends on how well we know ourselves. It doesn’t matter whether the goal can be something we do everyday or something we can but hope to achieve in a lifetime, the only real obstacles in life are the ones that comes from inside. The seeds of our fears, our doubts and our insecurities.

Knowing just who we are and what we can do at least gives us an idea how far we can push ourselves. It gives us the knowledge of where we could be better, where we are better and where we absolutely kick ass. Sometimes, making a difference in the world isn’t just about getting up and doing it, it’s about starting where the heart is and then going for the head and the rest of the bodily functions. You know what I’m talking about.

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