B2006 – Let There Be Light

Lamp of an ideaAnd it’s Lasse by a mile for guessing it right and being the only one to comment. Head over to his blog and help pledge and sponsor his Blogathon drive too.

I guess, I’ll have to tone down to casual banter this hour. Take my own advice and step back to take a break. Sometimes the mind can only go so far, the rest of which depends on your ability to make use of the time given to you. So why not take your own advice?

It’s probably one of the few things people actually do, seeing that people’s ears are collectively smaller than their mouths. It’s easy to start dishing advice to others, it’s hard listen to the advice of others, and it’s downright rare for us to listen to ourselves. Even so, that should be a habit, you should listen to your own self. If not for the fact your own subconscious knows more beeswax than you can harvest by hand, but for the responsibility that you have to maintain to the same people whom you dish out advices to.

You can’t give advice to people in which you have not tried or attempted yourself. That’s just plain irresponsible, and downright dangerous. Think about it this way though, if you can’t listen to yourself. Why should other people listen to you? It’s just a plain and simple question. The kind that casual banters are always made out off.

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