B2006 – Mirrored Past

Guess what?

How much of your memories do you treasure? How valued are they to you? Enough to keep physical pieces of them around you? Enough to be willing to give a lot to carry them with you throughout your life? I know I have more than a few things I’m unwilling to part with in my life, the things that symbolise moments in my life of change or just plain huge impact. Some people might call it excess baggage, some might even call me a sentimental fool. To me I just call it the parts of my past that defined me as the person I am.

There is a difference in dwelling on the past and treasuring it. When you realize that whatever objects you hold carry with it memories that hold no strong emotion except for the frozen moments in which it captured, you know you’ve moved on from the past. There is no shame or weakness is being reminded of that past. It is merely giving us a glimpse of who we are and why we do the things we do.

Maybe you do keep to your memories or maybe you don’t. Either way, they are still a reflection of who you are. A fraction of an image that is you, with that you should never forget that part of you, should the future come and change you into something else, at least you’ll have a small part of yourself to hold on to.

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