B2006 – Needful Pleasures

One roll at a timeEither I need more people to actually read my blog or I need to start finding easier things to take pictures off. Either way, no one got it right, or rather only one person commented. But time does not wait for anyone and neither does blogathon.

The way I see the world is that there are two kinds of things in life. Things what we need and things that we want. For the longest time, I would have told you that at the end of it, one should always put the things that they need ahead of what they want and in times of crisis where you just don’t have the luxury to take your own sweet time to make a choice, I’d still stick with needful things.

But needful things aren’t necessarily the best things and neither are wanted things. You may need to use leaves or the newspaper to wipe your butt, but they aren’t the best things. You may want to wipe your arse with silk, but that isn’t a wise decision either. So what are we left with? A two-ply toilet roll, a perfect example of needful wants where if you actually take time to step back and consider the options, you’ll find them on your local supermarket store in the usual aisle.

Life fortunately gives you the exact same options. You don’t need to clean your mess in silk and neither should you want to waste time and money on silk. Everything has their needful wants. It’s just a way of applying the right solution to the dirty problem.

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3 thoughts on “B2006 – Needful Pleasures

  1. Hhahha, this reminds me of the time when my roommates and I were running out of toilet paper. She counted four pieces and tore them out and handed them to me and said, “Naah, do what you want with ths 4 pieces.” We laughed so hard until our stomachs ached! =)

  2. Excellent point.

    And your photograph reminded me of one of assignments I give out in my basic photography workshops: spent at least 1 hour (2 preferred) locked in your bathroom with your camera. Take pictures of it. It is totally amazing what people come up with after they’ve taken the basic toilet, sink, tub, roll, faucet, towel pictures.

    Which echoes a point you make often in your posts. There are possibilities beyond the surface. Every day you see the same stuff in your bathroom, but do you see the beauty in the possibilities that are really there. Once you force your imagination past the “take things for granted” stage, there is a whole world to be explored.

  3. I think since time doesn’t allow for much, I took 10 seconds to get a snap off two pictures for the toilet roll. I hope that doesn’t offend you much since you’re a more skilled photographer.

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