B2006 – Skewed Perspectives

Guess what?

When cause in the bind of you own making, sometimes it’s easy to forget that while you may think you’re doing something better, other people have other ideas on what benefits them. It’s just the way the world works, you simply can’t force people to work towards your goals even if you’re the most kind hearted individual in the world. There are 6 billion people on the planet and all of them are going to have different opinions about the same thing. As I said before, it’s amazing that people can actually get together in the first place.

Either way, while it does matter to me that whatever I set myself to do is far from being achieved and while I’m going to weigh this heavily on myself for a while, I’m going to take to my own advice and just keep moving foward on this. It isn’t that you call scoring the winning point, but at least I’ll start making amends for trying. Maybe one day I can smile, but admitantly, it’s none too soon.

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