B2006 – The Break In Between

Guess what?

Seeing that we’re a quarter into the Blogathon with 6 hours down and 18 more to go, I’ll take a break from the philosophical connections and go for something casual. As it is, sleep deprevation isn’t getting to me much. I’ve rested enough in the morning that I’m pretty sure I can last all the way without having the urge to nod off. It’s this nagging pain in the body that I think is getting to me.

Not that pain doesn’t give me a certain sense of being alive. I think I’m that used to all the misery in life that, for some reason, I can’t feel comfortableif I am not in some kind of trouble that makes me feel miserable. If you top that up with the fact that I need painkillers for my knees and that on more than the usual occassion I do walk with a limp because of the pain in my legs, you might actually compare me to House. The sad thing is that House is taller, much smarter and doesn’t have to wear the same clothes everyday.

Oh well, we all can’t be our idols, but we can at least dream about it.

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6 thoughts on “B2006 – The Break In Between

  1. It’s the front plackard of a shirt, I believe. (I looked up front plackard in the “What’s what” visual thesaurus).

  2. Suanie: But he plays with his patients. 🙂 He’s got the Rubik’s Complex, every puzzle must be solved. Mine doesn’t involve playing God…yet. 🙂

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