B2006 – The General Idea

Guess what?

There are only so many thoughtful posts you can write before you brain turns to mush. That would be the bad news for anyone who’s expecting something smart coming in here. The good news is that, it’s pretty much daylight now and hopefully stretching my legs would give me some jog up the sluggish noodle.

The really good news is that while I’m writing this, I just realised that sometimes ideas for something, no matter how subtle they are, come best when you’re not actually looking for them. The proverbial needle in a haystack that finds the needle in your pocket when you sat down rather then being on your hands and knees looking for that damn needle in the hay.

Just remember, “Beer on the porch” and everything will be alright. At least, until you need another idea again. Then the whole process just starts again. Anyway, the picture. Who here votes for alien ray gun? Please raise your hand.

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