B2006 – The Other Window

The Blogathon monitorKhouria got it, in a way. At least it’s part of my PC, that’s as far as I can push it. So let’s hear it for Khouria. Go visit her and sponsor her Blogathon drive. She’s a Blogathon veteran, so you’d know she knows what she’s doing.

This just happens to be the window I spend most of my days everyday looking through to see the outside world. It isn’t so bad, I have the company of friends, the parody of humour, the entertainment of the media and the pick of discussions, all from the comforts of my own chair without ever leaving my own room.

There is a catch though, windows like this work best when you actually have a life to live in the first place. You can’t associate yourself with friends without social skills to build. You can’t understand humour when you don’t have the wit that you pick up from the streets. You can’t be entertained by the media unless you know what in the world they are talking about and you can’t claim to pick on discussions when you can’t grasp what they are saying in the first place.

Thats why there is that other window beside my room. The one that leads to the world whose surround sound and 3d graphics surpass that of current technologies. The one that you actually learn a thing or two from. The one where someone always waits for me to hold her tightly. The one where we should always head to first. So what are you waiting for? I don’t have to tell you to twice do I?

You can still pledge and donate to Footsteps in the Mirror’s Blogathon drive for the Association for International Cancer Research. For more details, follow the instructions from this link.

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