B2006 – This Other Break In Between

Guess what?

It’s just about the middle of Blogathon 2006. The half way mark where I can look back and completely disregard anything I have previously written because I’m only looking foward to the final 12 hours of the event. Right now, I’m bordering between being sleepy and being completely insane, not because I haven’t slept for 12 hours, no…but because I haven’t already slept for 24 hours.

My location is in Australia which means I would have started at 11pm rather than if I just woke up. Which also means that by the time this is over, I would have stayed up for 36 hours straight assuming that I crash right after Blogathon ends, which I probably doubt so anyway.

The things I do for what I love. It would be a whole lot more enjoyable if I could actually understand what I’m talking about. I do hope that all this while the rest of you actually do understand what I’m trying to get at here because it’s a little painstaking to craft this intricate web of randomness that actually has a point and then watch it dissolve to babble because your mind can’t seem to focus straight.

I think I might actually have to have more breaks in between. That can be a very bad thing indeed.

You can still pledge and donate to Footsteps in the Mirror’s Blogathon drive for the Association for International Cancer Research. For more details, follow the instructions from this link.

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