B2006 – Uniquely Cool

Guess what?

If you had to pick between standing out of the crowd and blending into the crowd. What would you choose? Personally, I’d go with standing out from the crowd, then again…so would everyone, especially those still too young to shave. There in lies the problem though…if everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, wouldn’t that make everyone in that group…a crowd as well?

It’s one thing to wear the colours to stand out from the rest, its another to do that which sets you apart from the rest. The definition of being unique isn’t about doing the same things that everyone does to rebel, it’s about not caring about what you do in the end that makes you unique. Anyone can get a tattoo, not anyone can spend 20 hours a day studying while wearing a pocket protector and not care about what the other “cool” kids have to say about your life.

You want unique, take the road less traveled, the one that not even the cool rebels dare to touch because it’s so passe. Just that when you get there, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I know some great places where we can do lunch.

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